How it Works

How it works

1. Loan Application

SMEs apply for loans up to $300K either directly via the TCA platform or through our Referral Partners.

2. Auction Listing

The TCA Credit Team reviews loan applications and lists eligible loan opportunities for auction on the platform, with credit submissions and supporting documentation.

3. Fund Transfers

Wholesale investors assess loan opportunities, transfer funds to TCAN trust account and bid for parts of each loan opportunity (min. bid $1k) on the platform.

4. Auction Completion

After auction completion, borrower executes security documentation in favour of TCAN as Trustee for lenders, and funds are transferred to the borrower.

5. Monthly Payments

Fixed monthly repayments of principal and interest from borrowers are credited to the lenders accounts on the platform.

6. Loan Period

The loan is repaid over the fixed term.